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Pros and cons of quartz countertops

Cons: high price


1, scraping spending

Quartz stone quartz content of up to 94%, quartz crystal is a natural mineral hardness second only to diamonds in nature, the surface hardness to Gao Damo hardness of 7.5, far greater than the kitchen knife used in the shovel and other weapons will not be scratched.

2, nasty dyed

Quartz stone is in vacuum conditions Xia manufacturing of inside, and dense no hole of composite, its quartz surface on kitchen of acid alkali, has very good of anti-corrosion capacity, daily using of liquid material not penetration its internal, long time placed surface of liquid just with water or clean and bright, clean agent with rag wipe except can, necessary Shi available blade scraping to surface of stranded real.

3, not your old

Quartz stone shine bright surface is the product of more than 30 multi-polishing process for complex, not scraping by knife wound, not for liquid substances penetrate will not result in problems such as yellowing and discoloration, clean just rinse daily, simple and easy. Even after a long time of use, its surface as bright with new countertops, no maintenance and upkeep.

4, fire

Natural quartz crystal is typical of refractory materials, its melting point up to 1300 degrees Celsius, 94% made of natural quartz quartz fully fire-retardant, not burning due to exposure to high temperatures, also with artificial stone as well as unmatched high temperature characteristics of Mesa.

5, no toxic radiation

Quartz surface is smooth, smooth scratches remain, dense non-porous material structure makes the bacteria have no place to hide, but direct contact with food, and safe!

High quality quartz stone with a selection of natural quartz crystals and minerals, the SiO2 content exceeding more than 99.9%, purification and cleaning during the manufacturing process, raw materials do not contain any radioactive heavy metal impurities, 94% quartz crystals and other resin additives make quartz stone there is no danger of radiation contamination.