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Customizing Quartz Countertops Installation Quality Inspection

Customizing Quartz Countertops countertops under the production line, the other will directly affect the table surface of the aesthetic and the length of life is the stage of the installation of the quality of the table is good or bad. This is why we are happy to find a professional quartz stone manufacturers and table processors for the reasons.

So the question came, for the majority of home improvement experience for most of the owners, how to install the quartz stone countertops for the acceptance of the quality of it? Today and Xiaobian together to understand the acceptance of the standard.

1, color: the same type of color quartz stone, due to the different time there will be a certain degree of color difference phenomenon, we must pay attention to the table when the comparison view.

2, flatness: the table must be installed once again with the level of check flatness.

3, seams: If the table can be clearly seen after the seams of the glue line, or hand can feel the obvious wrong seam, indicating that the seam is certainly not done.

4, openings: the table on the sink and the location of the stove need to open the hole to open the edge to be smooth, can not have jagged shape; four corners to do a certain degree of curvature, can not be a simple right angle, but also to strengthen. It is best to avoid the choice of field openings.

5, rear retaining water: In order to prevent the water back to the back of the cabinet, so the table against the wall, the ground will be formed on the water. It should be noted that this turn must be a smooth arc on the turn, but not at right angles on the turn, otherwise it will leave difficult to clean up the dead ends.

6, glue: the file after the water and wall connection will be marked with white glass glue; table and sink connected to the place will be marked with transparent glass glue. Glue before we must check whether the glass plastic packaging marked with anti-mildew function, after the glue must urge the workers to clean up the excess glue in time