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Stone Machine For Processing Improve The Wear Resistance Of The Factors

With the deep processing of Stone Machine for Processing products industry needs, processing accuracy in the continuous improvement of the formation of mechanical properties of Stone Machine for Processing requirements are also rising. To meet the needs of the market, to strengthen the development of new products to meet the market to meet the demand. Stone Machine for Processing machinery in a representative product bridge Stone Machine for Processing cutting machine for its high precision, low failure rate, easy to operate, to adapt to a wide range and by the majority of users of all ages. The author of the bridge Stone Machine for Processing cutting machine in the impact of processing Stone Machine for Processing precision key mechanical parts of the beam guide design principles and processing technology, put forward some personal views for peer participation.

Stone Machine for Processing mechanical cross beam common design There are two combinations: the first is the combination of double three-way guide rail. These two combinations are open-type rail combination, the orientation of the triangular guide with the size of the top of the solution α different, the better the better the α-solution, but when the α angle decreases the equivalent weight of the rail surface friction coefficient, Limit angle of the triangular guide angle is 90 °, for heavy, large Stone Machine for Processing machinery, due to the larger load, desirable α = 110 ° ~ 120 °. When the triangular guide surface with wear, the table automatically sink, compensate for wear and tear, rectangular rail with high steel, processing, inspection and maintenance are more convenient features, but poor guidance. Double triangular guide guide and precision retention are high, but due to ultra positioning, processing, inspection and maintenance are more difficult. Stone Machine for Processing mechanical work environment is bad, Stone Machine for Processing dust, water mist, diamond particles in the cutting process easy to splash on the surface of the guide, because the sawing is heavy cutting, making the rail surface wear and tear intensified. At present, there are still some beams of Stone Machine for Processing machine with double triangular guide design, the purpose is to compensate for rail wear, in the design and processing of rails should meet the following requirements.

1, oriented accuracy

Guide rails in the no-load movement and cutting conditions, exercise, should have sufficient guidance accuracy, to ensure the accuracy of the rail movement, which is to ensure the quality of the premise of the guide rail. The main factors that influence the precision of the guide are the structural form of the guide rail, the geometrical precision of the guide rail and the contact precision, the stiffness of the guide rail and the base piece, the oil film thickness of the guide rail and the oil film stiffness, the thermal deformation of the guide rail and the base piece.

(1) geometric accuracy

The geometrical accuracy of the linear motion guide generally includes: the straightness of the guide rail in the vertical plane (referred to as the accuracy of A), the straightness of the guide rail in the horizontal plane (referred to as the accuracy of B), the parallelism between the two guide surfaces, Referred to as the accuracy of C), in the A, B two precision are specified in the length of the rails per meter length and straight length of the track length, in the C accuracy, the provisions of the rail in the length of each track and rail The twist value of the length between the two guide surfaces in the transverse direction per meter length. The above A, B, C three precision tolerance, can refer to the accuracy of the machine tool inspection standards.

(2) contact accuracy

Fine contact, grinding and scraping the surface of the guide rail, contact accuracy according to the provisions of JB2278-78, the use of coloring method to check, with the percentage of contact surface or 25 × 25 (mm) area of the number of contacts to measure.

2, precision retention

Accuracy retention is mainly determined by the wear resistance of the guide rail, which is related to the friction properties of the guide rails, rails and materials, process methods and force conditions. In addition, the residual stress of the guide rail and the base member also causes the creep of the guide rail to affect the precision retention of the guide rail. The main factors that affect the accuracy of the maintenance is wear and improve wear resistance to maintain accuracy is one of the main contents of improving the quality of machine tools, but also a major issue in scientific research. There are many factors to improve wear resistance, improve wear resistance should be from the design, technology, materials, heat treatment, use and other aspects of comprehensive consideration. Here mainly from the design point of view to analyze. From the design point of view to improve the wear resistance of the basic idea is: try to fight without wear; in the inevitable wear and tear as much as possible for less wear, uniform wear, and wear can be compensated in order to improve the use of time.

1) first talk about fighting less wear and tear

(1) to reduce the pressure

Reduce the pressure can reduce the friction per unit area, can increase the contact surface and reduce the load to reduce the pressure. For example: to improve the straightness of the guide surface and refine the surface roughness, can enhance the actual contact area, the appropriate widening of the rail surface and the length of the long rail, can also increase the contact surface, but must be with the guide rail Of the stiffness to adapt. Otherwise the load after the deformation of large, uneven contact, increase the local pressure, although the long track although the long does not work. In addition, the widening of the rail will increase the process of the difficulties, to reduce the load on the rail can also be used unloading approach.

(2) reduce the friction coefficient

With the rolling friction instead of sliding friction pair, the friction coefficient is greatly reduced, the wear can be greatly reduced, but the use of Stone Machine for Processing machinery in the less. In the sliding pair, the correct choice of lubricating oil, so that the friction properties become mixed coefficient, but also reduce the friction coefficient. Also pay attention to keep the lubricating oil clean, unclean lubricating oil will lead to excessive abrasive wear, circulation lubrication can not only ensure adequate oil and can also play a cooling and washing effect. In order to make the lubricating oil evenly distributed on the guide surface to ensure adequate lubrication, it is necessary to open the oil groove on the guide surface. The correct choice of lubricating oil viscosity can effectively reduce the friction coefficient. The viscosity of the rail lubricating oil can be selected according to the operating conditions and lubrication of the guide rail. For example: low load (pressure <0.1MPa) high, medium and small Stone Machine for Processing mechanical feed rails can adopt 20 # mechanical oil; (Pressure> 0.4MPa) of the low-speed rails, the use of 30 # mechanical oil or 40 # mechanical oil; heavy machinery (pressure> 0.4MPa) low-speed rail, available 40 #, 50 # or 70 # mechanical oil; easily contaminated by the dirt guide, should be used less low-viscosity lubricants, so as not to cause damage to the damaged rails.

(3) the correct choice of friction material and heat treatment

Appropriate choice of friction material can reduce the friction coefficient, heat treatment can improve the wear resistance.

(4) to strengthen the protection

Strengthen the protection is to improve the friction of the wear resistance of the effective measures to avoid dust, abrasive dust, water mist into the friction pair, to prevent or reduce the wear and tear of the track one of the important methods is to protect the rail. According to statistics, a reliable protective device of the guide, than the exposed rail wear can be reduced by about 60%. In the design and selection of the guide guard, the following requirements should be considered: it is best to make the rail surface closed, with a variety of abrasive insulation; if not closed, the protective device should be able to fall on the guide rail more thoroughly The device should be easy to wear and tear to ensure easy cleaning guide rails, but also should have a certain strength and stiffness, especially the heavy machinery of the rail protection device should be more note. In addition, but also consider the manufacture of easy, low cost, long life and other beautiful appearance factors, are introduced several commonly used protection methods.