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Customizing Quartz Countertops The Stitching Seam Should Be Waxed Regularly

Customizing Quartz Countertops surface smooth, flat no scratches stranded, dense pore-free material structure makes bacteria nowhere to hide, can contact with food directly, safe non-toxic, become Customizing Quartz Countertops Mesa biggest advantage. The kitchen is a lot of greasy spots, the kitchen items such as cleaning up not in time to have thick stains, of course, quartz Shitai surface is no exception, although the Customizing Quartz Countertops resistance to dirty after all, no self-cleaning function.

For thick stains How to clean up a lot of people have some misunderstanding, most people will choose the strong detergent, use the wire ball to clean up, this is the wrong way to operate, but I do not deny that other items such cleanup is effective. According to the test report issued by Customizing Quartz Countertops manufacturer, the hardness of Customizing Quartz Countertops plate can reach 7 grade of Mo hardness, second only to the hardness of diamond, so that the general iron can not damage its surface. But the use of wire ball back and forth friction is not the same, will cause damage to the surface scratches.

The correct cleaning method of Customizing Quartz Countertops, choose neuter detergent or soapy water, use dishcloth to clean. Rinse after cleaning with clean water, then dry cloth to dry. Although the water absorption rate of Customizing Quartz Countertops is almost zero for 0.02%, it is also possible to avoid the possibility of infiltration or to leave water stains. The most important is the stitching seam maintenance and cleaning, the use of the line in a timely manner to avoid stitching seam black lead to breeding bacteria, stitching seam should be regularly waxed. If there is no stone special wax in the home can use car wax or floor wax, should be waxed at least once a month.

Customizing Quartz Countertops Mesa Composition: As the name suggests, the Customizing Quartz Countertops Mesa is uses the artificial Customizing Quartz Countertops plate manufacture table. And Customizing Quartz Countertops is a new type of composite material, by 93% of quartz sand and unsaturated polyester resin by artificial die-casting, belonging to man-made stone products. Because of raw materials and production process differences, the production of Customizing Quartz Countertops can be divided into several types, the performance of different kinds of differences.

1, avoid high temperature objects directly for a long time on the surface, or with heavy objects and sharp impact surface: Customizing Quartz Countertops plate belongs to the brittle polymer composite, also has the characteristics of cold expansion and contraction, there is also a certain degree of contraction stress, impact toughness, fracture elongation and other mechanical properties, When the plate can not withstand the severe expansion and contraction of the internal force and the severe external impact will appear cracking. So in daily life, you can use a pot bearing with rubber feet, or put an insulated pad on the table.

PS: Although Gorandi resistant to cracking Customizing Quartz Countertops compared to other manufacturers of Customizing Quartz Countertops has a stronger ability to resist cracking, but also can not withstand the day-to-day hot and cold stimulation.

2, avoid the table directly with the strong chemical contact: Customizing Quartz Countertops with long-lasting damage resistance, but still need to avoid contact with hard chemicals, such as paint, metal cleaning agent, stove cleaning agent. If you accidentally contact with the above items, you must immediately use a large amount of soap water to wash the surface of Customizing Quartz Countertops.

3, as far as possible to keep the table dry: Because the water contains a lot of bleach and scale, stay time too long, will make the table color light, Impact beautiful. Therefore, after stained with water stains, need to wipe in time with a rag. Customizing Quartz Countertops water absorption rate of 0.02%, almost zero, but there is also the possibility of infiltration, liquid if the surface stay time over the possibility of infiltration is relatively large.