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Multi Color Quartz Stone Characteristics Of Hard And Ductile Defects Of Natural Stone

Multi Color Quartz Stone main ingredient: Multi Color Quartz Stone =90﹪ quartz Sand (powder) +10﹪ resin. Multi Color Quartz Stone and common man-made stone have a larger difference, Multi Color Quartz Stone because 90﹪ is natural quartz, so the character is closer to natural stone, with natural stone hard and toughness of the characteristics of insufficient, and hardness is higher than natural marble, so in addition to do Mesa, Paving the floor is also one of its highlights.

Processing status because Multi Color Quartz Stone and common man-made stone in hardness and toughness there is a large difference, so its processing methods and ordinary man-made stone also have a greater difference, but from the current understanding of the situation that Multi Color Quartz Stone processing methods and processes, in some details of the place there are some misunderstandings, Some of the processing of ordinary man-made stone processing methods and processes to process quartz slate. As a Multi Color Quartz Stone manufacturer, it is necessary to also have the responsibility to the Multi Color Quartz Stone processing methods to put forward some guiding suggestions for the Cabinet factory processing workshop and Multi Color Quartz Stone agents for reference.

Multi Color Quartz Stone processing requirements, in principle and natural stone processing is the same. Processing Multi Color Quartz Stone operators have the best experience in processing natural stone, there are processing general artificial stone but no processing natural stone experience of operators in principle must be trained to post. Common processing tools:

1. Multifunction Marble cutting Machine (cutting blanking, grinding edge chamfer);

2. Grinding machine (with special diamond grinding plate, resin mill);

3. Cantilever grinder polishing machine;

4. Hand drill (with diamond sleeve drill r15-r45 mm);

5. Curve according to, knife blade, triangular glass clamp, wiring socket and so on. Special materials are:

(1) Marble glue (white, transparent);

(2) Multi Color Quartz Stone special glue (factory preparation);

(3) Multi Color Quartz Stone Special Dry glue (factory preparation);

(4) Curing agent.

Processing process: On-site measurement of drawing and record size → with the customer to confirm the table color, edge type → drawings, drawing line → with the marble machine cutting material → use multi-functional marble machine or other special grinding machines grinder Edge type → blowing dry cleaning glue place → glue, Apply the bonding surface → use special clamp clamping → cure after the removal of waste rubber with the blade of special grinding machine mill → polishing → check the positive size. Back enhancement. Grinding Edge, chamfering with hard diamond abrasive sheet, first $number, after $number, and then $modeltype; polishing, began to use the # of the mill, and then use 1000#, 2000#, 3000# of the mill pieces for polishing. Note that the diamond blades must be of a rigid quality. The size of the sheet is 3 inches or 4 inches, can be determined according to the needs of the use. The feeder must be connected by a 45-degree oblique port. Cutting must be high hardness, cutting sales of hard diamond saw blades, in the state of water cooling cutting, saw blades in the cutting speed of 6000 rpm. Due to insufficient cutting volume of the saw blades, the Multi Color Quartz Stone plate is cracked by the high-speed impact and the saw blades are not durable. The use of high hardness diamond saw blades must have sand or sand hole, lest the Multi Color Quartz Stone crushed sand can not be discharged in time to cause local fever to make the Multi Color Quartz Stone plate in the processing process of cracking.

Opening furnace hole:

1. According to the design requirement, determine the center position of the basin hole, and the spacing between the furnace hole and the rear edge is not less than 70mm;

2. When opening the furnace hole, must first punch the hole in the four corners of the furnace hole (drilling bit must be a high hardness diamond drill bit, Yunfu stone processing tools stores are sold, and then use the line cutting machine slowly and evenly cut into square, cutting, you can not cut the plate to wear, should be divided into two steps, the first step to cut sheet thickness of 1/ 3, the second step will be cut through the plate to prevent cracking.

3. When opening the furnace hole, the Multi Color Quartz Stone plate bottom must have the pad, cannot completely suspend, and the endurance must be uniform, prevents the force uneven and in the opening process crack.

4. After the furnace hole is cut square, use angle mill slurry furnace hole Four corners grinding into an arc angle, arc radius is not less than r10mm, furnace hole Four corners of the back with about $literal small plate thickening, grinding machine into the corresponding arc, four sides with a width of more than 30mm of Multi Color Quartz Stone plate thickening.

VI. Quartz glue can be used when bonding Multi Color Quartz Stone in bonding with the glue used in natural stone as the glue.

(1) Marble gum. Yunfu is sold, most commonly used, the specific use must be in accordance with the requirements of the manual.

(2) Multi Color Quartz Stone special glue. Multi Color Quartz Stone Factory preparation, use must ensure that the interface without water dry, grease-free and wax-free. If you can not be sure, use acetone or the water to scrub clean, cool to dry after the bonding work, Multi Color Quartz Stone feeder is the best 45 degrees oblique mouth connection, and the feeder must be grinding coarse. This glue can be cured in 15 minutes, but the real maturation is one weeks after the one months can be completely consistent with the Multi Color Quartz Stone (inlay).

(3) Multi Color Quartz Stone Special dry glue. Multi Color Quartz Stone Factory preparation, use and Multi Color Quartz Stone special glue, just wet and dry the difference.

(4) Epoxy AB type dry-hanging adhesive. Yunfu Stone Shop has been sold, when used in accordance with the requirements of the manual can be. In short, Multi Color Quartz Stone processing technology and natural stone processing technology, the same processing methods and tools and natural stone, must not be the general artificial stone processing technology transplanted to Multi Color Quartz Stone.

Multi Color Quartz Stone is the modern environmental protection concept under the new generation of Nano-anti-fouling, no radiation, to natural quartz sand, quartz powder as the basis of the quartz artificial stone. Compared to the current countertop industry, casting resin artificial stone, acrylic plate, calcium powder hillock Stone series of man-made stone, its hardness, wear resistance, anti-fouling performance advantages are more prominent.