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Natural Veins Quartz Stone Hardness, Strength, Temperature Resistance

Natural Veins Quartz Stone as a natural beauty and high-tech combination of the new man-made stone plate, has become the preferred surface of the table, and has been more applied to the ground, wall and furniture. But the Natural Veins Quartz Stone Mesa Although the hardness, the strength, the temperature resistance and the impermeability and so on physical, chemical characteristic are superior to other materials, but does not mean that this material is not damaged. But in life will not be man-made damage, so in use should pay attention to a few points.

1, the surface of the table is usually not high temperature burns, but to prevent direct exposing at high temperature or to the table for a long time part of the heating. Do not put hot household utensils directly on the table on the heat dissipation, advocated the use of a better heat insulation of the pot to protect your table.

2, do not use heavy impact or sharp sharp tool to hit the table, especially in the hearth, water basin and other thin parts.

3, if the table has rubber, nail polish, paint and other particularly difficult to eradicate viscous substances, if necessary, can be used to scrape the knife quietly, scraping when you need to control the strength to prevent damage to the table.

4, in the table touch neutral detergent and chemical dissolution agent should be timely clean with clear water.

5, by professional processing equipment personnel in the kitchen cabinets after the end of the installation, users may not be unreasonable to disassemble, reload and pressure, to avoid the formation of table cracks or cracks

Natural Veins Quartz Stone as the current overall cabinet industry most widely used table materials, has many advantages:

Quartz's Mo's hardness is extremely high, is not afraid of sharp artifacts scratch;

Acid and alkali resistance to high temperature, burning pot with direct release is no problem;

Non-toxic without radiation, safe and durable;

If you want to say the shortcomings, the most obvious is that stitching seam can not be completely no trace.

Above mentioned in the color difference, is in the stitching seam position, usually with glue, sometimes need two times polishing, polishing after the color will and the edge of the position is not polished, and in the future the ability to resist pollution will be different. The way to weaken this effect is to minimize the seam length, to see the accuracy of the process, as far as possible not on-site polishing or polishing the area as small as possible.

In addition, Natural Veins Quartz Stone anti-fouling ability is strong, not to say completely impervious, especially white light-colored Natural Veins Quartz Stone. If you are afraid of infiltration, or as far as possible to choose the dark Natural Veins Quartz Stone, infiltration will not be too obvious, or usually diligent point, used up in time to clean up. Also, iron do not put on the table for a long time, oxidation and rust will not wipe off the rust.

When to buy how to distinguish between Natural Veins Quartz Stone or hillock stone or other stone, Natural Veins Quartz Stone good or bad how to see? The merchant says how much quartz content, you also can not see with the naked eye. If you want to distinguish between good and bad, do violence experiment on the line, ask the merchant to take samples, with keys, knives, such as back and forth to test the hardness, with a lighter burning test high temperature performance, with vinegar bubble to see acid resistance, with soy sauce or ink to test the performance of impermeability.

Natural Veins Quartz Stone is still the best table choice at present.