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Natural Veins Quartz Stone Loved By The People

Natural Veins Quartz Stone  in the decoration due to noble, elegant, light can be Kam's effect by the people are widely used. Daily use in the maintenance of wax and crystal face treatment, sustainable Natural Veins Quartz Stone  surface of the light. Can be the United States is not in the Natural Veins Quartz Stone  stitching has been no good way to deal with the Natural Veins Quartz Stone  stitching analysis is obvious, after a period of time, the seams will appear irreversible pollution, such as joints black, seriously affecting the quartz The overall beauty of stone products.

1, before the installation must check the cabinets and floor cabinets to see the flatness of the installation table and the size of the scene whether there is no error, if there is error, need to repair if the site can not be completed processing plant should be secondary processing.

2, when installed in the table, the need to maintain a certain distance between the wall, the general gap in the 3-5mm, reserved for the main purpose of this gap is to prevent the future of the table and the thermal expansion and contraction of the cabinet stretch, resulting in mesa deformation Or cracked.

3, if you need to install the sink and other devices, first of all Natural Veins Quartz Stone  table and the table on the file water for some local dressing, and the percussion, check whether the vacant, for some small vacant, should be in the stone below the glass Glue used to fill, for some serious unevenness, you need to stop the construction, the cabinet to adjust to the flat state.

4, for some L-type table or some long table, can be used when necessary, some strong glass clip used to clamp the table extrusion gap, for the gap must be clean.

Countertops should pay attention to the use of maintenance, all the product life are inseparable from the late maintenance. So the use of Natural Veins Quartz Stone  should be avoided in direct contact with the hot containers, prohibit the use of iron ball cleaning, to avoid cutting on the table directly, cut, chop, after use should be promptly cleaned!