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Natural Veins Quartz Stone Wear-resisting, Pressure Resistance, High Temperature Resistance, Corrosion Resistance, Penetration

Natural Veins Quartz Stone using a selection of natural quartz crystal minerals, of which the content of Sio2 is as high as 99.9%, Natural Veins Quartz Stone factory price plate manufacturing also want to impurity purification, the raw materials do not contain any of the heavy metal impurities that may lead to radiation, Natural Veins Quartz Stone sheet is composed of 93% quartz crystals and other resin synthesis, Belongs to the green new building interior decoration artificial stone stone.

With the rapid development of Natural Veins Quartz Stone production enterprises in China, production technology and capacity improvement. At present, Natural Veins Quartz Stone has been widely used in hotels, banks, hospitals, laboratories and home decoration in the ground, Metope, windowsill, cabinet counter, desktop and door sets and so on. As a result of more beautiful Natural Veins Quartz Stone decorative decoration, so before the decoration needs to be careful work of abrasive class to design a variety of areas of elegant use.

The most important is the use value of Natural Veins Quartz Stone. Wear-resisting: Natural Veins Quartz Stone surface hardness can Gaodamo's hardness above 6.5 levels, far greater than the general sharp weapon, will not be scratched; easy clean non-polluting: Natural Veins Quartz Stone is in the vacuum condition manufacture what, the dense pore-free composite material, the daily use liquid material does not penetrate its inside, Long time on the surface of the liquid only with clear water or clean and other cleaning agent with a cloth wipe can be non-toxic without radiation; Natural Veins Quartz Stone surface smooth, flat also no scratches stranded, dense porous material structure makes bacteria nowhere to hide, can contact with food directly, safe non-toxic

Home decoration stone in the proportion of Natural Veins Quartz Stone more and more high, especially the use of cabinet counters in the family decoration is the most common, and with the leakage of the problem is becoming more obvious, such as burst and local discoloration.

Natural Veins Quartz Stone plate is made up of more than 93% natural quartz and 7% of the pigment, resin and other adjustment bonding, curing and other additives. Artificial Natural Veins Quartz Stone is formed by vacuum, high frequency vibration, heating curing, its texture is hard, the structure of compact with other decorative materials can not match the wear-resisting (Morse hardness of more than 6), withstand pressure (density 2.0g/cubic centimeters), high temperature (can withstand temperature of 300 ℃), corrosion resistance, penetration of no pollution sources and radiation source, belongs to the new green man-made stone, Natural Veins Quartz Stone price is higher than other stone.

When it comes to this, a lot of people will wonder. Natural Veins Quartz Stone plate since can withstand high temperature up to ≤300°, why the hot container directly on the table will cause burst and discoloration? Because of the above-mentioned Natural Veins Quartz Stone plate raw materials containing 7% of resin solvents, hot after high temperature prone to cold and cold, due to the local sudden heating, such as the construction did not reserve expansion joints, it is easy to crack or the bottom of the container mark discoloration. Natural Veins Quartz Stone manufacturers prompt users should avoid hot container direct contact should use insulation pads.