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Platinum Quartz Stone Anti-pollution Strong, Easy To Penetrate Stains

Platinum Quartz Stone stone countertops, is made of Platinum Quartz Stone stone countertops.

1), easy to scratch:

Platinum Quartz Stone stone plate has been compacted by vacuum vibration compression molding, has reached the hardness of 6 ~ 7.5 magnitude, (Austrian mineralogist Moore (Frederich Mohs) to create a hardness table, is an internationally recognized hardness test method, 10 for the highest hardness, diamond 10) steel ball and other hardware can not be scratched, wear, is on the market any kind of table material can not match the advantages.

2), very high temperature, burning does not hurt:

Reason: Because the Platinum Quartz Stone stone raw material itself is a high melting point of the material (the melting point of up to 1300 degrees), and then after the vacuum and the high pressure after the shock suppression, it is extremely high temperature.

3), the real feeling of stone:

Reason: because the Platinum Quartz Stone stone contains 93% of the Platinum Quartz Stone stone, so the feeling is very similar to the stone, and Platinum Quartz Stone is the integration of natural stone and artificial acrylic advantages of both. Therefore, from the color point of view than the real stone color richer, and almost no color.

4), anti-pollution strong, easy to penetrate stains;

Reason: Because of the dozens of complex surface treatment, so its surface structure is very tight, the product is fine non-porous, water absorption is almost zero; general kitchen with oil, sauce, tea, fruit juice, coffee, acid, alkali Material can not penetrate, so stain resistance is very strong.

5), antibacterial:

Reason: Because the surface layer and the material inside the same dense uniform, no pores and cracks, coupled with a certain amount of antibiotics built, so put an end to the breeding of bacteria, safe and clean, with food and skin and other direct contact, beneficial food hygiene and human health The

6), surface material without radiation, is a green product;

Platinum Quartz Stone stone countertops are made of broken glass and Platinum Quartz Stone sand. Platinum Quartz Stone stone is the advantage of wear and tear is not afraid of scratching, heat can be a large area of paving wall, do all kinds of kitchen countertops, stitching seamless, durable. Platinum Quartz Stone is a new type of stone synthesized by more than 90% of the Platinum Quartz Stone crystal plus resin and other trace elements.

Reason: As the Platinum Quartz Stone stone is the use of natural stone crystal mineral, is one of the world's most abundant inorganic materials, the si02 (silica) content of 99.9% or more, in the process of the human body will only harm the heavy metals and other radioactive elements Strictly controlled within the allowable range (its own heavy metals and other radioactive elements on the number of small), its mining, use, processing will not cause adverse effects on the human body and the environment, so and food and human touch will not have Negative effects.

7), stone color consistent, do not fade, do not change color;

Reason: Platinum Quartz Stone stone and more to mineral pigments, so the same color with the stone, not in strong sunlight for a long time local contrast irradiation, the naked eye is difficult to observe the color changes, in addition, the entire Platinum Quartz Stone stone in the production process, to take Is the whole process of automatic control equipment, making the product color standard unified rate is extremely high. In the indoor long-term use of daily life will not be due to oxidation, aging, corrosion, thermal contact and other causes of fading color and luster.

8), material toughness is high;

Reason: The product contains high-strength glue and resin composition, flexible, it is not easy to break the brittle.

9), not easy to break;

Reason: The product thickness of 20mm. While most of the domestic use of 15mm thickness of the plate, and even jerry cut the actual thickness of only 13mm, under the influence of external forces easily broken. Xinhua Xinlian Platinum Quartz Stone stone has been with the world-renowned brands simultaneously convergence, from raw materials, processing, product quality checks, so that the cracking coefficient of 0.3%

10), easy maintenance, an old and pleasant, cost-effective:

Reason: The product has excellent physical and chemical properties, with any detergent can be cleaned, even if any PH value of the neutral agent can be clean, easy to use, after the purchase do not have to worry about the trouble caused by maintenance and Inconvenience, a permanent investment, with a once and for all. High value-added, although the surface price is higher, but its material value, processing value, service value, environmental health, the use of convenience and aesthetics have a very high added value.