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Quartz Stone Tiles Easy To Damage, Corrosion Resistance, High Temperature

With the people's quality of life and the pursuit of health, natural stone market space is bound to further compression, combined with the architectural decoration market, the choice of stone space is increasing. Quartz Stone Tiles stone as the best alternative in the use of the wall, what is the advantage of the ground? Here by Xiaobian for everyone to explain the Quartz Stone Tiles stone wall, tiles advantage!

Artificial Quartz Stone Tiles stone is usually made of natural Quartz Stone Tiles sand as filler, Quartz Stone Tiles sand and unsaturated polyester resin as the adhesive, after mixing vacuum high pressure, furnace heating, grinding and polishing made, so there are many artificial Quartz Stone Tiles stone Natural stone characteristics, such as artificial Quartz Stone Tiles stone can be manually adjusted, so many colors, flexibility is better, convergence treatment is not obvious, the overall sense is very strong, and colorful, with ceramic luster, high hardness, easy to damage, Corrosion, high temperature, and very easy to clean. But there is also a drawback that the price of Quartz Stone Tiles stone is higher than that of other tiles.

Quartz Stone Tiles Stone Tiles advantage is the surface smooth, no pores, hemp and other defects, beautiful colors, the substrate surface should have a sense of particle suspension, with a certain degree of transparency. Physical, chemical properties: with sufficient strength, stiffness, hardness, especially the impact resistance, anti-scratch is better. Durability: with weather resistance, dimensional stability, resistance to deformation and resistance to cold quenching heat.

1, Quartz Stone Tiles brick with a special production process technology and formula raw materials, in the non-constant temperature calcination and pressure conditions such as changes in the brick body to form a Quartz Stone Tiles crystal-like dense structure, brick body water absorption is very low <0.1%, high density , Hard, anti-bending, wear-resistant, anti-fouling moisture.

2, Quartz Stone Tiles brick raw material preparation requirements are extremely high, in order to meet the Quartz Stone Tiles stone to copy the natural stone texture rich, realistic sense of touch and visual sense; restore the natural stone through the body texture, Quartz Stone Tiles brick brick body is the same, dense non-porous composite , Its decorative effect and the perfect combination of practical performance, is a substitute for natural stone.

3, Quartz Stone Tiles brick in the modern production technology under the protection of raw materials does not contain any radioactive contamination of heavy metal impurities, no radiation, and to abandon the existence of natural stone color difference, flaws and more easy to seepage, difficult to care, high prices and Supply cycle and other defects.